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Home Roasted Gyokuro

This mini-project started out as an idea I had after reading a post over at Eustea Reads, where Eustacia, the owner of the blog, talked about her experiences making her own Hojicha, by home roasting a past-its-best Sencha.

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Oolong Koushun

This is one of the three teas I purchased in late September from House of Tea.

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Kocha Satsuma

This is the other set of Japanese leaves that I bought in my recent four black teas mini-haul.

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Kocha Benifuki

This is the first post about the four black teas (two from Japan, and two from Fuding in Fujian province of China) that I recently purchased over at House of Tea.

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Back In Black

The other day I jemmied the padlock off the coffer housing the tea purchasing pennies, and had a peep inside.

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Yamamotoyama Genmaicha and Sencha Teabags

This was one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases.

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Kuki Hojicha

Many teaheads don’t need much arm twisting in order to enter into a cash for leaves transaction at the best of times, and thanks to a fairly feeble excuse I hopped online and got busy buying.

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Oi Ocha

Say what you like about our local supermarket, (and I do have plenty to say, and not all of it complementary), but somebody there has their finger on the pulse.

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Oolong Yabukita

This is the second part of a pair of posts detailing my experiences with two rather interesting teas from Japan that I came across while shopping over at House of Tea.

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Kocha Yabukita

I bought these leaves from perennial favourites House of Tea with Christmas present cash.

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