A tea table and gaiwan

On this page I’m gathering together links to some useful resources.

Steeping Guides

  • Teatrekker has some excellent, clearly presented information about good steeping practice, including a summary of the fundamental differences between Asian and Western steeping techniques. Click here.
  • The China Life web site has a superb chart showing times and weights, etc. for Asian and Western styles of tea infusion for all classes of tea. The chart is even available as a downloadable PDF. Click here.


  • Need help translating a Chinese tea name or term? Babelcarp could be just what you’re looking for. Click here.
  • Corax’s “tea lexicon“, originally posted on the “Cha Dao” tea blog, is an excellent resource to have sat next to you when you’re attempting something slightly more involved, such as translating the text on a packet of tea’s packaging. Click here.