Moychay Mi Huan Gaba

Moychay Mi Huan GABA - dry leaf

This is the final post in a series of four where I take a look at the 5 gram free samples that came with my first Moychay order.

Moychay’s notes tell us that this is a Taiwanese “honey” Oolong, from the “daoshi tea farm“.

The dry leaf was giving very little away, but after a few seconds in the warmed up gaiwan I started to pick up hints of cacao nibs.

As I tend to do with ball Oolongs these days, I opted for a series of 10 second infusions until the leaves had opened up.

Steeping Method

  • Water Used: Filtered tap water

  • Weight of dry leaf: 5 grams

  • Steeping vessel: 100 ml porcelain gaiwan

  • Water temperature: 95°C

  • No. & duration: 10 infusions of 10, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 90, and 120 seconds duration

As my nose approached the cup it was regaled with the aroma of melted butter, and a sweet, vegetal tartness, like fresh baby spinach, or broccoli stems. There was also a certain something lurking in the background that was whispering tobacco.

Moychay Mi Huan GABA - a cup of

The second round saw the GABA thing starting to assert itself, and the liquor developing a slightly smoky aftertaste.

By the time the the third steeping rolled around the leaves were fully open, and although the GABA note was hogging the limelight a new taste was pushing back hard, something dark, honey sweet, and spicy that had me thinking off fresh off the charcoal well caramelized BBQ sauce. I was also pleasantly surprised to experience a noticeable Qi jolt, which arrived in the form of a shoulders and up rolling sweat.

The intensity of the liquor started to slip relatively early on in the session, but by bumping the infusion times and performing a leaf flip before the seventh steeping I was able to coax ten good rounds out of the leaves. This is slightly less than Moychay’s target of 12 infusions, but still nevertheless seemed fair enough.

Moychay Mi Huan GABA - used leaves

Summing up – even though as I said in an earlier post I’m kind of moving away from Oolongs these days, these three Moychay Oolong samples (not forgetting the fourth sample, a very nice black tea…) really did the business as far as I’m concerned.

More than anything, they’ve really got me looking forward to getting stuck into the 7 Pu-erh’s that made up my order. Chomping at the bit, you might say.

Watch this space, etc…

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