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Of Mist And Melancholia

Dateline:yesterday. For once it wasn’t the cat that woke me with his hunger driven protests, but the dull bass moan of a foghorn.

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Ying Xian

Another order with House of Tea, another free sample to play with.

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Steeper At The Gates Of Dawn

Or, “Ode To Some Beautiful Leaves I Infused On My Balcony One Midsummer Morning”

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Reon Spout Strainer

Recently I was moving my teaware cupboard to make better use of our kitchen countertop real estate, and in doing so rediscovered an old pot that I’d kind of half forgotten.

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Georgia Wild Forest Black Tea

This is the other half of a pair of black teas from Georgia that I recently purchased from House of Tea.

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Wen Shan Ping Lin Black Tea

This was one of those impulse buys, tossed into my shopping cart during a “want!” moment of weakness when I was putting together my recent order with House of Tea that saw me also get my thirsty mitts on a … Continue reading

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Georgia Etseri Wild Black Tea

My previous experiences with Georgian tea left me wanting more, so when I was putting together an order with perennial favourites House of Tea recently I took the opportunity to throw a couple of new-to-me teas from that country into … Continue reading

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Keemun Mao Feng

In my previous post I sampled House of Tea‘s Keemun Congou, which is currently battling it out with the tea featured in this post to become my early morning pre-breakfast beverage of choice once my current stocks of Bai Mu … Continue reading

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Keemun Congou

It’s been a few months since Mrs. Teaist last bought me a nice 200 gram cargo of Bai Mu Dan in Danish teashop Østerlandsk Thehus.

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Strange Days – This and That

Deja Pu The other day I had what I can only describe as some kind of a tea flashback.

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