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The Tea Library – Tales of the Tea Trade, by Michelle and Rob Comins

This was one of those books that everyone seemed to be reading earlier in the year, and given all the good reviews I read I simply had to order a copy for my own tea library.

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2020 Dung Ding

My supplies of Bai Mu Dan, my morning leaf of choice, were rapidly dwindling, so I had to either make an order sharpish, or risk going without.

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Farmer Leaf Autumn 2018 Jingmai Gushu

Over the past few months it felt as though I’d been giving priority to the daily drinker side of my stash, so when I found the tea buying coffers pleasantly full I decided to have a mini splurge of sorts.

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Hong Yu White

I first spotted these leaves when I was logged onto House of Tea to re-stock on their Bai Mu Dan.

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