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Silver Sipdown

I was running out of stash storage space, more specifically tea caddies.

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End Of A Tuo

7:45 am. Early November. The day was flat and motionless, in that peculiar late Autumn way. You could just sense that the season was running out of energy, like a child’s spinning top when it starts to wobble crazily before … Continue reading

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Just the other weekend we were spending a few days in Gothenburg, catching up with some old friends.

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The Last Dragon

This weekend our extended clan gathered at the family house in the country for a double birthday celebration.

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Summer 2019 – Öland

The beautiful island of Öland was our final port of call on this year’s summer holiday.

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Summer 2019 – Dave and the Killer Kettle

Well, our Summer trek for this year has entered its final week. Mrs. Teaist and Teaist Junior fancied some pool-based action, so we headed off to Ronneby and its famous spa hotel, Ronneby Brunn.

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Summer 2019 – Paging Dr. Shou

Personally, I blame the sea air. In my experience it makes everything taste at least 20% better, and gives me a raging appetite that would shame a hippo that hadn’t eaten in a fortnight.

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