Kenya Rhino

Kenya Rhino - dry leaf

This tea was ordered from House of Tea at the same time as the Georgian Gruzia Tjakvi I looked at in an earlier post, and for broadly the same reasons. I was in the middle of a black tea jag, but wanted to sample leaves from places in the tea world as yet unfamiliar to me.

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Pot Luck

kyusu style clay pot

Teaist Junior and I were out and about on the outskirts of town, as the family car was due a service.

To kill time whilst our chariot was fettled, we decided to have a browse in a nearby charity shop, one we seldom get to visit due to to its less than ideal out-of-town location.

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Tai Mu Long Zhu

Jasmin Tai Mu Long Zhu - dry leaf

Mrs. Teaist decided that she needed a bit more variety in her tea drinking. More specifically, although she was still enjoying her early morning pot of Rize, she was getting a little tired of the same thing in the evening.

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Gruzia Tjakvi

Gruzia Tjakvi - dry leaf

For a while now, I’ve been enjoying black teas more than I have been for quite some time, and that coupled with a strange impulse to meander down tea-roads less travelled has lead me to, amongst others, these leaves.

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Vietnam Suoi Giang Black Wild Tea

Vietnam Suoi Giang Black Wild Tea - dry leaf

I bought this tea at the same time as I purchased its “sister” tea – the Suoi Giang Green Wild Tea.

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Jungpana Emperors Cup First Flush

Jungpana Emperors Cup FF - dry leaf

These leaves landed on my tea table in the form of a free 3 gram sample that was kindly included in a purchase I made over at House of Tea.

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First New Teaware In A While

tehuset java teapot - 1

Once again we had chores to attend to that took us to the nearby town of Lund.

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