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Summer 2019 – Part 2

After the midsummer fun and games I was press-ganged in a benign kind of a way into a building project I’d been hoping to dodge.

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Summer 2019 – Part 1

Well, here we are again. It’s late June, and tomorrow we’ll head out into the countryside to celebrate midsummer with our extended family.

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Bergamot Oolong

I suppose that once I’d consciously dedicated a new pot exclusively to Oolongs I was subconsciously going to be biased towards that class of tea the next time tea and cash were going to be exchanged.

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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea – Blå

“Found something for you on the way home from work”, said Mrs. Teaist. “Wondered if it might come in handy for Thursday”.

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David Rio Orca Spice Chai

Mrs. Teaist was on the way home from work when she spotted this new-to-us instant chai, and decided on a whim to give it a whirl.

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