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Wu Yi Bai Rui

Sometimes a teahead will, for reasons they can never fully understand, get a craving for some leaves or other, and be left with an itch that they are going to have to scratch, whatever the cost, literally or figuratively. Advertisements

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Østerlandsk Thehus Shou Pu-erh

On the face of it this is a fairly ordinary shou, a good-but-not-great daily drinker.

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2006 Haiwan Lao Tong Zhi Zhuānchá

This was another purchase from House of Tea. I have a soft spot for both tea-bricks (Zhuānchá) and the produce of the Haiwan tea factory, so once I clapped eyes on this baby a sale was always going to be … Continue reading

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Feng Huang Milan Dancong

This is yet another tea that made its way to my tea table by virtue of it being included as a free 3 gram sample in a recent purchase at House of Tea.

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Irma Chinese Sencha

Mrs. Teaist came across this tea in a branch of Danish supermarket Irma, and given their reputation as purveyors of good quality foodstuffs thought it worth a punt.

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2007 Pin Xiang Bu Lang

This 250 gram tuo is the last part of my recent order with The Tea Guru.

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2017 Haiwan Sweet Aroma

Like a lot of dedicated Pu-erh drinkers, the offerings of the Haiwan Tea Factory are not unknown to me.

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