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Shan Lin Shi Hong Cha – Part 1

This was yet another tea that was included as a free sample in a recent order I placed over at House of Tea. Advertisements

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Vietnam Moc Chau Oolong

This was the other half of my early March order at House of Tea, both of which were Oolongs; one pretty – Wu Yi Bai Rui, and one unusual – this’un.

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Wu Yi Bai Rui

Sometimes a teahead will, for reasons they can never fully understand, get a craving for some leaves or other, and be left with an itch that they are going to have to scratch, whatever the cost, literally or figuratively.

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AriZona Tea Drinks

Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to feeling somewhat nervous when Teaist Junior goes shopping “for just a few things…”

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Red Jade

These leaves landed on my tea table after they were included as a free sample in my February order with House of Tea.

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Østerlandsk Thehus Shou Pu-erh

On the face of it this is a fairly ordinary shou, a good-but-not-great daily drinker.

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2010 Hai Lang Hui Wei Sheng

I bought this 400 gram beeng back in October of last year over at House of Tea, and have spent the intervening period trying to find adequate time to sit down with it, and to get to know it.

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