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Jin Xuan Charcoal

Another month, another order placed at House of Tea, another free sample to play with. This time they’ve opted to tempt me with another tasty Oolong.

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Twenty-one Again

A short while ago I celebrated my birthday, and my womenfolk only went and spoiled me rotten with three wonderful pressies that, somewhat unsurprisingly, were tea themed.

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2010 Qian Ye Hao – Five Years On

It’s now a little over five years to the day since the first beeng I ever owned came my way, when I received a 357 gram cake of 2010 Qian Ye Hao as a birthday present.

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2006 Bang Mai Wild Arbor Sheng

Spoiler alert…this was one of those memorable sessions you simply never want to forget.

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Alishan Roasted

Just the other day I ordered 400 grams of House of Tea‘s Keemun Congou, winner of the contest to replace my rapidly dwindling supplies of Bai Mu Dan as my go-to early morning tea.

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2015 Bu Lang Mountain Shou

When I was putting together my last two tea orders I was primarily concerned with propping up the Pu part of my stash.

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Keemun Mao Feng

In my previous post I sampled House of Tea‘s Keemun Congou, which is currently battling it out with the tea featured in this post to become my early morning pre-breakfast beverage of choice once my current stocks of Bai Mu … Continue reading

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