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Shan Lin Shi

Finding myself with more tea pennies than expected, I went on a mini-spluge on the Monday of the week just gone.

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Back In Black

The other day I jemmied the padlock off the coffer housing the tea purchasing pennies, and had a peep inside.

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2009 Pressed Oolong

In poker you have to play the hand you’re dealt with, and the same can also be said of tea sessions.

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My Top 10 Teas For 2019

This is yet another post inspired by Eric’s blog One Man’s Tea Journey (if I’m not careful he’s going to start charging consultancy fees), which was in turn inspired by Marco’s blog Steap’d.

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Taiwan Red Jade White

This is one of the two teas that made up my late August order with House of Tea. Like that other set of leaves, this one initially appealed to me because it linked back to a tea I’d written about … Continue reading

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Hong Shui

Looking back over my recent tea purchasing history it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t placed an order with Stockholm based House of Tea for several months.

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Ren Shen Oolong

I bought this tea back in May, at the same time as the Bergamot Oolong I wrote about in June.

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