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If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

It was fairly warm and more or less sunny, and faced with the knowledge that as we head into the Autumn and the back end of the year days like this are going to come along increasingly less frequently, we … Continue reading

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What-cha English Breakfast

This tea arrived on my tea table in the form of a 7 gram sample that was kindly included in a recent purchase I made over at What-cha.

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2009 Meng Song Bamboo Sheng

I’d had my beady, thirsty little eye on this tea for a while, and while I was ordering an aged Oolong over at House of Tea I thought that this’un might as well come along for the ride.

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2001 Aged Oolong

If you read enough blogs and hang out in the right on-line forums then you can’t help noticing certain trends in the tea world.

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Summer 2018 – Introduction

It’s summer again, and we’re off on our hols!

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Himalayan Secret

Note – this post was started at stupid o’clock one midsummer’s morn when my creative juices and decision making processes alike were under the twin influences of sleep deprivation (cause:cat) and an awful lot of sheng Pu-erh, so if it … Continue reading

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Jeju Do Sejak

Regular readers might remember that some time ago I popped over the Ă–resund strait and paid a day visit to Copenhagen in search of interesting leaves and cool tea toys.

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