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Home Roasted Gyokuro

This mini-project started out as an idea I had after reading a post over at Eustea Reads, where Eustacia, the owner of the blog, talked about her experiences making her own Hojicha, by home roasting a past-its-best Sencha.

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Chá Camélia Nosso Chá

This interesting green tea was one of my Christmas pressies the other month.

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2017 Ancient Empress Mountain

In this post I’ll be taking a look at a beeng of sheng I bought back in mid-September.

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Chá Camélia Pipachá

Sometimes, in the world of tea, it’s easy to become too focused on one particular area of interest, to lose sight of the bigger picture, to miss, if you will, the wood for the tea trees.

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2020 – My Year In Tea

So, here we are again, the end of another year.

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A Book And A Brew

I think the time’s about right for this one now, a full year after it happened.

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Yu Chi Hong Yun

This is the second post in a mini-series of three about the Taiwanese black teas I bought from House of Tea back in mid-October.

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Assam Taiwan

Back in mid-October I ordered three interesting looking Taiwanese black teas from House of Tea, and in this post I’ll be taking a closer look at the first of them.

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Assam Oolong

I bought this tea as part of my mid-September order over at House of Tea, along with two others I recently posted about, a Taiwanese GABA green, and the mysteriously popular Koushun Oolong.

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Jeju Sejak Redux

My latest purchase from House of Tea was all about bolstering the daily drinker side of my stash – I ordered a good sized cargo of their very nice Bai Mu Dan – and this tea was included in the … Continue reading

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