Feng Huang Milan Dancong

feng huang milan dancong - dry leaf

This is yet another tea that made its way to my tea table by virtue of it being included as a free 3 gram sample in a recent purchase at House of Tea.

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Kocha Yabukita

kocha yabukita - dry leaf

I bought these leaves from perennial favourites House of Tea with Christmas present cash.

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The Four Long Lost Samples

I was doing a bit of digital tidying up the other day, when I found a folder buried several levels down in my file system tree labelled “Samples – To Do“.

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Happy New Year!

2019, eh?

I trust that everyone enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing holiday period, and that the early part of this new year finds both you and yours happy and well.

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Mystery Shou 199

199 shou - dry leaf

I have a sort of sub-class of the “Daily Drinker” genre, a niche for “good but not great” shou pu-erh, usually loose leaf but occasionally beeng cha, that gets to strut its stuff after meals, acting as a combined palate scourer and digestif.

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Orange Shou, Part III

satsuma shou - leaves and fruit

I was making up a batch of Masala Chai the other day, when inspiration struck.

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Still Ill

masala chai used leaves

Just when I thought I was over the worst of it, the cold that refuses to die fought yet another rearguard action, a sneezing, coughing Battle of the Bulge, a temperature soaring, death-warmed-up counter-offensive.

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