Parklife 2

Tallriken - tallis

It was all Teaist Junior’s idea.

She felt like having a session at one of the outdoor gyms in one of the large central parks in town, and wondered if Mrs. Teaist and I would like to come along for the ride, and have an al fresco tea session while she exercised.

Mrs. Teaist said she’d rather have coffee, but was otherwise up for it.

I quickly put together the necessary kit – my trusty Trangia alcohol stove and kettle, a water bottle, a pair of mugs, an in-cup filter basket, three spoonfuls of Nescafé’s finest for her, and last but not least three good pinches of Bai Mu Dan for me.

A short drive later we were encamped on a park bench, and Junior headed off to pump iron.

Tallriken - kettle

I filled up the alcohol stove and kettle with the correct liquids, then lit the first and dropped the second into position. After preparing the two mugs with leaves and granules we admired the view. The sun was starting to set, so although we were in shade on our bench the other side of the clearing we were in was in brilliant sunshine. Although initially it was warm enough to sit with our jackets off, all too soon the temperature started to drop and we hurriedly donned them again.

Tallriken - leaves

It really was a beautiful afternoon, and so it came as no surprise to see so many joggers, dog walkers, and parents with strollers out an about, despite the Autumnal chill in the air.

Just shy of fifteen minutes later the kettle came to the boil, so I made Mrs. Teaist’s coffee, and set my leaves off on a two minute infusion.

Tallriken - cup

The hot mugs warmed our cold digits, a timely reminder that as fresh as things were now, pretty soon they were going to become a whole lot fresher.

All of a sudden Teaist Junior bounded up, all gymed out, sweaty and a bit cold. Mum offered her the last few swigs of her by now tepid drink, which she gratefully gulped down, before completing a tortuous looking series of warm down stretching exercises.

I rinsed out our mugs, and packed away the rest of the kit. Old bones and low temperatures make for stony limbs, so we stiffly stood up, before creaking and plodding our way back to the car, as the last rays of sunlight came down sideways through a trillion green and brown colour filters.

Tallriken - trees

Then suddenly the smells of damp earth and old vegetation gave way to the aroma of polished automobile interior, and we were strapped in and on our way home…

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