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The Last Cup

The kitchen is almost empty, and the light bulb shines down without so much as a shade around it, shockingly naked, giving the light it emits a hard, brittle feel. The only things left are an electric kettle, a now … Continue reading

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Chai Masala – Spiced Indian Tea

Although it has to be said that my primary focus is on Chinese teas, I do occasionally drink teas from other parts of the world. Chai Masala is an Indian spiced tea. “Chai” is the Hindi word for the tea … Continue reading

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Chinese Serendipi-tea – Xuefeng Ti Kuan Yin

I was once told by an Italian that if I wanted decent olive oil and tomatoes then the last place I should be going was the local supermarket. The good stuff, she said, never left the Italosphere. Follow the Italians, … Continue reading

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Tea Techniques – Balls, Bags, and Filters

One of the first books I bought when I began to take tea seriously was “The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook“, by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss.

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The Book and the Bridge

It is early, and the street lights have just winked out, a polite cough of a reminder to the night that the day has up until now been waiting patiently, but has a lot to do today, so if you … Continue reading

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The Pursuit Of Truth & Beauty

In one of my favourite YouTube videos Prof. Yip Waiman, president of the Hong Kong Teaism Alliance, discusses the nature of the Teaism practised in Hong Kong.

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The Forgotten Rose and Norwood’s Nibbles

I was having a bit of a tidy-up yesterday afternoon and happened across a tea collection I’d forgotten I had.

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Tea Techniques – Water

I think it’s important to remember that, from a purely practical point of view, the end result of any tea ritual has to be as good a cup of tea as possible. Let’s consider water. As tea-sage James Norwood Pratt … Continue reading

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The Ethereal Cup

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Fuss Free Asian Infusion

Last year for my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a Samadoyo E-01 teapot. The idea behind this clever device is to give you a simplified version of “Asian” style infusion, i.e. more tea leaves per volume of water, … Continue reading

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