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Cosmoveda Pure Instant Chai

This was yet another chai themed product that Mrs. Teaist spotted on her way home from work and thought I’d maybe like to try.

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Masala Chai Revisited

This post began as a challenge from my womenfolk that came about during a visit to a new Indian restaurant in town.

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Still Ill

Just when I thought I was over the worst of it, the cold that refuses to die fought yet another rearguard action, a sneezing, coughing Battle of the Bulge, a temperature soaring, death-warmed-up counter-offensive.

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Chai Masala – Spiced Indian Tea

Although it has to be said that my primary focus is on Chinese teas, I do occasionally drink teas from other parts of the world. Chai Masala is an Indian spiced tea. “Chai” is the Hindi word for the tea … Continue reading

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