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Tie Guan Yin Gan De Topgrade

I threw these leaves into my cart over at House of Tea at the same time as I was buying that delightful Shan Lin Shi Hong Cha I wrote about recently. Advertisements

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White2Tea “Hot & Heavy”

You have to love the fact that a tea named “Hot & Heavy” arrived just as our bit of the Scandinavian Peninsula experienced its first major snowfall of the year.

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Wuyi Shan Shui Hsien

When it comes to the subject of Oolongs, this is the kind of tea that I simply adore – a well roasted strip Oolong from the famous Wuyi Shan mountain area in Fujian Province on the Chinese mainland.

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Fujian Tulou Old Tea

Mrs. Teaist bought this tea for me during a recent trip to Stockholm. She found it at Grace Tea House’s “everything must go” closing down sale.

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My Lucky Day…?

I received some exciting news today!

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Chinese Serendipi-tea – Xuefeng Ti Kuan Yin

I was once told by an Italian that if I wanted decent olive oil and tomatoes then the last place I should be going was the local supermarket. The good stuff, she said, never left the Italosphere. Follow the Italians, … Continue reading

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