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Once again we were heading out to the country for a party with the extended family. Advertisements

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  I checked the weather forecast. Oh Lordy, not again…

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It must have been a hangover from our vacation, and all those outdoors sessions.

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Summer 2018 – Chin Chin, I Shall Miss You

All good things must come to an end, and that is just as true for tea soaked holidays as it is anything else.

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2005 Nantou Aged Oolong

This Oolong came to me in the form of a 3 gram free sample that was kindly included in a recent purchase I made over at House of Tea.

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Whittard of Chelsea Mountain Pearls

I’ve had Whittard’s teas a few times – they’re a reliable source of decent quality gear when we’re in the UK.

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On-The-Road Kit Upgrade

I really like my travel gaiwan set. Since it came my way in May of last year, my tea experience when out and about has improved greatly.

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