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My Top 10 Teas For 2019

This is yet another post inspired by Eric’s blog One Man’s Tea Journey (if I’m not careful he’s going to start charging consultancy fees), which was in turn inspired by Marco’s blog Steap’d.

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Expedition Lübeck

Whenever we’re out and about travelling, we always keep our eyes peeled for tea shops to pop into.

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Hong Shui

Looking back over my recent tea purchasing history it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t placed an order with Stockholm based House of Tea for several months.

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Bergamot Oolong

I suppose that once I’d consciously dedicated a new pot exclusively to Oolongs I was subconsciously going to be biased towards that class of tea the next time tea and cash were going to be exchanged.

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Tie Guan Yin Gan De Topgrade

I threw these leaves into my cart over at House of Tea at the same time as I was buying that delightful Shan Lin Shi Hong Cha I wrote about recently.

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Vietnam Moc Chau Oolong

This was the other half of my early March order at House of Tea, both of which were Oolongs; one pretty – Wu Yi Bai Rui, and one unusual – this’un.

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Wu Yi Bai Rui

Sometimes a teahead will, for reasons they can never fully understand, get a craving for some leaves or other, and be left with an itch that they are going to have to scratch, whatever the cost, literally or figuratively.

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Oolong Yabukita

This is the second part of a pair of posts detailing my experiences with two rather interesting teas from Japan that I came across while shopping over at House of Tea.

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Feng Huang Milan Dancong

This is yet another tea that made its way to my tea table by virtue of it being included as a free 3 gram sample in a recent purchase at House of Tea.

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The Four Long Lost Samples

I was doing a bit of digital tidying up the other day, when I found a folder buried several levels down in my file system tree labelled “Samples – To Do“.

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