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Alishan Roasted

Just the other day I ordered 400 grams of House of Tea‘s Keemun Congou, winner of the contest to replace my rapidly dwindling supplies of Bai Mu Dan as my go-to early morning tea.

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Da Yu Ling

Before I go any further, let it be noted that I recorded my tasting notes for this tea on the back of an old shopping list.

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I received this tea as a 3g sample with my recent purchase from “House of Tea“. Although that might not sound like much, it’s the perfect amount to steep gong-fu / Asian style in a 100ml capacity gaiwan.

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Teacup Deep, Mountain High

In his book “Kitchen Confidential” Chef Anthony Bourdain recalls certain memorable events that helped to shape him into the culinarian he is today – his first, raw oyster eaten one hot August day in France when he was a petulant … Continue reading

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