A Place For Everything…

tidy up - drawer

…and everything in its place…

When I unexpectedly found the remains of a tuo that I thought I’d polished off some time ago it became apparent that I really needed to re-organise my stash.

I had stuff all over the place, squirrelled away in at least 5 different locations. With a growing sense of unease I began to suspect that I had lost control over what exactly I had in, never mind where it was.

I picked a tea at random – Kenya Rhino.

As it happened, I did indeed have a few grams of those leaves left, but it took me fifteen minutes to locate them. I finally found them in one of a collection of caddies heaped up on top of a box of sheng pu-erh at the very back of an in-built wardrobe.

After a bit of “research“, i.e. opening and closing drawers for twenty minutes, I figured out that if my hardcore daily drinkers occupied one drawer, then my “fancy” teas would fit into another.

tidy up - pus

The sheng and shou sub-stashes would then be able to live on top of yet another chest of drawers, tucked safely away in the cool and the dark of the aforementioned closet.

I created space for the fancy teas by consolidating the contents of two drawers half full of semi-abandoned electronics projects into one. As I rehoused each caddy into its new abode, I logged it on a spreadsheet.

tidy up - spreadsheet

There had to be a spreadsheet. It’s the law. I used Gnumeric, for those of you of nerdish and curious dispositions.

The spreadsheet is rather simple though, it has to be said. It only lists tea name, where I bought it, and its type. If I want to know if I still have a particular tea in stock, then I can easily add an auto-filter and look for a tea based on any combination of those three fields.

When I finish a tea I simply delete that row of the spreadsheet, as recently happened when I bade a fond farewell to the last of the Malawi Green I bought earlier this year.

One particularly nice upshot of this mini-project has been the rediscovery of several teas I’d simply forgotten that I had in, such as Floral Guranse. For the last few days I’ve been reacquainting myself with the joys of a mid-afternoon pot of this delightful tea.

Of course, the tidying up of my stash was the (relatively) easy bit.

The real fun part’s going to be keeping it that way…

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4 Responses to A Place For Everything…

  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    You are a true tea master, sir.

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    • A flattering description of my tea chops, but one I am not worthy of… 🙂

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      • Mr. Wapojif says:

        No need to be humble, sir!

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      • I respectfully beg to differ.

        I know a bit, but I’ve just about finished my apprenticeship! It’s the old Socratic thing – the one thing I know about tea is how much there is left for me to know about tea, which is an awful lot.

        The true masters are the folks out there judging the perfect moment to pluck the leaves, or the ones who know exactly when that Oolong’s been roasted long enough, or the artisans making beautiful and functional teaware. I’m just a spotter with a notebook and a biro, looking over their shoulder, trying to figure out how they do what they do.

        Ooof, that was a bit heavy. I need a cup of tea… 🙂

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