Expedition: Copenhagen

The other day I decided it was high time I paid another visit to Copenhagen to go tea shopping.

So, accompanied by Teaist Jr., I hopped on a train, and less than an hour later we were in the Danish capital. We soon rendezvoused with Mrs. Teaist, and the tea-hunt could begin.

Our first port of call was to be Flora Tehus, but to our dismay we were met by an empty store! Checking online, we found a post on their Facebook page dated 18th July telling of their decision to close the teahouse. Bummer. Not the start we wanted!

After a quick pit-stop for lunch snacks, we hit the road again. We popped into Boutique Taeko, a store specialising in Japanese goods, to see what in the way of tea-goodies they could tempt me with. After a good rummage around I came away with this sweet little unglazed clay houhin.

taeko hohin

Its capacity is about 150 ml, and it’s probably going to be used exclusively for Japanese greens.

Our final port of call was Sing Tehus.

sing tehus exterior

Looking at the selection of teas on offer I immediately went into “kid in a candy store” mode, but thankfully for the family finances I managed to rein my wilder tea-buying impulses in, and limit myself to four teas – a Gyokuro, a Korean Sejak green tea, a Vietnamese Oolong, and an Anji Bai Cha. I’ll cobble together posts about each of them in due course.

sing tehus interior

After another quick pit stop for a refreshing drink, we took a short stroll to Copenhagen Central Station and hopped on a train heading home.

A pleasant, sunny afternoon in the big city, new tea to taste, and new teaware to play with. Happy days!

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