On The Road Again

teapot on cliff

It’s that time of the year once more, when we flee all the aggravation of summer in the big city and set up camp at our summer house by the Baltic, where our only hard wired connection to the grid is a 15 mm diameter water pipe.

I’ve come prepared – just over a kilo of tea went into my suitcase when I packed early yesterday morning…

Given the fact that we have to be back at home-base for the start of August, that wee cargo should see me through, no matter how hard and frequently I indulge.

Early each morning, when even the seagulls and cormorants are still asleep, I’ll drag my trusty Trangia alcohol stove up the cliff, fire her up, and brew a pot of the green. For 20 minutes or so, the entirety of my world will shrink down to the sun, the sea, and tea.

Around lunch I’ll give a few grams of oolong leaf a walk through the gaiwan, and then as the day draws to a close I’ll retreat to the candle-lit sanctuary of the veranda and have a session with whichever Pu-erh takes my fancy as we wait for the moon to rise over the pines on the headland.

Steep, sleep, repeat, until you run out of July. Bliss.

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5 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. ateafan says:

    Sigh. Raining. Bracing for an overnight of 3 degrees with a pot of Keemun. But what comes around goes around … 🙂


    • My sympathies…hope the Keemun does the trick.

      No summer in Sweden (especially July) would be complete without a deluge or three, a spot of wet blanket sea fog, and a couple of roof-tile lifting gales. Believe you me, a small wooden house loses a lot of its charm jolly quickly when its cold and damp… 😀


  2. chesserstea says:

    Sounds quite dreamy. This summer’s not been too bad here in Britain though.

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