Party Tea

party tea

Summer in Scandinavia can feel sometimes like a “blink and you’ll miss it” affair.

To compare it to coffee, if the typical summer elsewhere is an Americano, then summer in the North is more like a double Espresso – all the flavour is there, but it’s packed into a short, intense, bitter-sweet “two slurps and it’s gone” experience.

This is one of my favourite moments from this summer, one that will remind me of warm, long evenings outdoors when we’re stuck inside, barricading ourselves against freezing, icy winds, and it’s dark in the early afternoon.

I’m relaxing with a pot of shou Pu’erh, putting its digestive qualities to good use, helping me process a righteous amount of party food.

The earthiness of the tea mingled magically with the scents of the forest floor five paces away, as well as the complex hot-wood and leather aromas flooding out of the open barn door.

Once again, the tea drinking environment had transformed the everyday and ordinary into the sublime and unforgettable.

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