Möllans Te

mollans te - interior 4

You know you’ve taken your eye off the ball when your significant other informs you that there’s a tea shop in town that you were previously unaware of.

Once she’d stopped sniggering at the incredulous look on my face, there was only one sensible thing to do – mosey on into town and check said boutique out.

mollans te - interior 2

Amazed as to how I had missed this place, I did a little research. According to the archived articles in the local press I managed to find, it seems as though Mei Yin Nilsson has been running her wonderful little shop, Möllans Te, for the best part of 5 years now.

You know you’ve washed up on the right shore when the display cabinet by the door has a selection of gaiwans on it.

Möllans Te also doubles up as a parcel distribution centre for both DHL and Schenker, and despite having to deal with a steady stream of packages on the start and end point of their journeys, Mei Yin was more than happy to chat with a fellow tea enthusiast.

mollans te - window

Topics of conversation included teas from the Wuyi mountain area (with accompanying pictures from Mei Yin!), the merits of Yixing teapots, and the faking of Dayi teas.

Purchases were of course made, although to our stunned surprise I stayed strong and resisted the urge to splash out on teaware, managing to limit myself to some nice leaves instead. I opted for a packet of gold foil wrapped sheng Pu-erh Dragon Balls, 100g of loose leaf shou Pu-erh, a similar packet of Yunnan Gold, and a fairly recent pressing (I’ve forgotten which year, and the tea is currently 150 km South West of my present position!) of a 100g tuo of Dayi V93 blend shou.

mollans te - interior 1

The loose leaf shou was interesting – earthy as you’d expect but also displaying an interesting mix of wood shavings and camphor notes. The Yunnan Gold was very nice; malty, sweet, and with an aroma that reminded me of heather moorland in the summer.

The sheng Dragon Ball I tasted was mild and sweet, but still packed a good Qi punch for all its gentleness. It had good stamina too, giving me a just shy of two hours long early evening session.

mollans te - interior 3

I’m going to reserve a slot in the early part of next week for a leisurely, note taking session with the Dayi V93. Keep your eyes peeled for a post about it.

Due to time restraints I never got to check out Möllans Te’s assortment of Oolongs and white teas, but fear not, I’ll be back soon enough for more of those trippy Dragon Balls and another tuo of the V93 if it tickles my fancy.

Nice people, good tea. What more could you ask for? Result.


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