2015 Dayi V93

Menghai V93 - wrapped

I found this 100 gram tuo at local tea shop Möllans Te.

I’d read good things about this tea over at Steepster, and that combined with the fact that I’m a ridiculously easy mark when it comes to ripe Pu-erh made for a no-arm-twisting-required sale. Besides, as far as I’m concerned the Menghai/Dayi name is synonymous with quality when we’re discussing shou. The very notion of bad shou from that factory is right up there with hen’s teeth and rocking horse poop hereabouts.

Menghai V93 - unwrapped

Steeping method
Weight of dry leaf: 8 grams
Infusion style: Gong-fu / Asian
Steeping vessel: 150 ml porcelain gaiwan
Water temperature: 100°C
No. & duration: a 2 second rinse, then a 1st. infusion @ 5 seconds, then @ +5 seconds until 30 seconds for a total of 6 infusions

The first infusion was classic Menghai, all paper, vanilla, and that sweet, smooth, clean earthiness.

The second steeping saw a savoury nuttiness appear, like almond flour biscuits, if you’ve ever had them.

Menghai V93 - a cup of

As others seem also to have noted, this isn’t the heaviest or darkest of shous. Don’t get me wrong – there’s still a goodly slug of flavour, colour, and mouthfeel here, but it’s something to be aware of if you prefer your shous like a blend of Orc blood and melted Normandy butter.

After 6 steepings it felt as though the leaves didn’t really have much more to offer, so that was the end of that session.

During the post-session clean up routine it occurred to me that this was one to file under “Daily Drinker”. The image that came to mind was one of a Datsun Sunny – not the most exciting or glamorous proposition, perhaps, but nevertheless a reliable, dependable workhorse.

Menghai V93 - finished leaf

It’s one of those teas that you’ll almost absent-mindedly steep, chug and enjoy while you have it, but won’t weep and wail over your tea-table if you can’t easily track down more when it’s gone, but should your paths cross again in the future you’ll remember how nice it was, and happily tuck a tuo or two in your stash.

Can’t say fairer than that. Good stuff.

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3 Responses to 2015 Dayi V93

  1. teasenz says:

    V93 is one of my favorite daily drinker pu erhs.

    Liked by 1 person

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