Train, IT, & Tea

a small cup of green gunpowder tea

In the words of the song I’m on the road again, back in Stockholm for Easter.

We were booked on the crack of dawn departure, a “stops-only-three-times super-duper wow are we there already” train, good news for a bad tempered cat not impressed one bit with his new traveling box or the fact that his breakfast was delayed.

Thankfully for humans and feline alike we were quickly at our destination, and, as you might expect, the kettle was soon on, and tired souls were being soothed with green gunpowder tea.

Currently I’m on a tea break from IT troubleshooting for a distressed relative, a terrible task that demanded something a little stronger to fortify one’s willpower, so out came the Pu-erh. Its earthy, warming goodness could mean the difference between a thumbs up and a hearty cry of “mission accomplished!” and a bricked laptop being launched off a 6th floor balcony.

Naturally enough while we’re in the big city the local tea scene will be seeing the colour of our money. If all goes to plan an old favourite shop will be visited for some teaware, and a new one tested with a sit-down imbibing session and hopefully a purchase or two.

Those pleasures are for another day, however. First, I have to administer a digital hiding to the stubborn creature in the other room. It’s showing no signs of playing nice, so this may take some time, but luckily I’ve got tea enough to see me through…

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