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Silver Sipdown

I was running out of stash storage space, more specifically tea caddies.

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Yunnan Yin Zhen

This was the other half of the pair of white teas I recently bought from House of Tea.

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The Bottom of the Caddy

You know before opening the caddy that this will be the last session with that particular tea. The caddy feels unusually light, and the few lonely leaves left inside make an odd, metallic scraping noise as they slide about.

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Summer In The City

Summer arrived with a bit of a bang. It sneaked in through the back door, and caught us unawares, leaving many scrambling for sunglasses, shorts, and sandals.

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The Blue Bowl of Happiness

Sometimes, even the less glamorous of teas drunk in the most everyday of settings can work magic.

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A Green and a White Day

This morning the street-lights seemed almost embarrassed to be caught out still on when I got up.

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A Silver Sunday

It was one of those long, lazy, do-nothing Sundays, and the perfect way to span the void between lunch and dinner was, of course, an equally long, lazy, tea session.

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Silver Needle – Worth Its Weight In Gold

White teas are a class of teas that you usually only encounter after a fair bit of experience in the world of Camellia Sinensis. There’s a sense of mystery, an aloofness almost, associated with these teas. Everything including the name, … Continue reading

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