Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian

Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian - dry leaf

This post is episode 6 in the Lübeck Haul series.

Teaist Junior spotted this packet of tea on Boomers Gourmet’s stall at Lübeck Christmas Market.

This certified organic green tea is a product of German tea company Ronnefeldt, and is a Mao Jian (Downy Tip) grade tea from Gu Zhang county in Western Hunan.

The Ronnefeldt web site waxes lyrical about the misty environment the leaves are grown in, and how this contributes to the taste of the tea, as well as mentioning that harvesting, which seems to consist of a bud and one leaf, only takes place during a 10 day period in the spring.

After warming up the pot, I dropped the leaf in, closed the lid, and gave it a few gentle shakes. I opened the pot up, and took a good sniff off the tea. I was greeted by an intriguing mix of aromas – crunchy nut cornflakes, milk chocolate, and fresh tobacco.

Steeping method
Water Used: Filtered tap water
Weight of dry leaf: 6 grams
Infusion style: Gong-fu
Steeping vessel: 150 ml glass teapot
Water temperature: 80°C
No. & duration: 7 infusions of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 90 seconds duration.

That first, quick infusion was free from astringency and grassiness, and although you got the impression that the liquor was in its early stages you also were left with the feeling that there was still a bit more left to come.

Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian - a cup of

Just one round later the body had beefed up into a surprisingly milky lip sticker, but after only a few more steepings I was having to bump up the infusion times as the leaves were already running out of steam.

That was always going to be a worry with those fine, delicate looking needles, that this was going to be a “live fast, ’cause it won’t last” kind of a session, and so it proved to be. I managed to tease out the session slightly longer than I thought I would be able to, but after that seventh, 90 second long bath it was game over for these leaves.

Ronnefeldt Gu Zhang Mao Jian - used leaves

And that, mes amis, is all I really have to say about this tea, to be frank.

To be perfectly honest I’d never run across Ronnefeldt’s teas before, but if this is an indication of their overall quality then I won’t be averse to buying more of their kit should our paths cross again in the future.

It’s nothing spectacular at all, but a good, solid, daily drinker.

Can’t say fairer than that.

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