Happy New Year!

2019, eh?

I trust that everyone enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing holiday period, and that the early part of this new year finds both you and yours happy and well.

Personally speaking, I’ve spent the past few weeks mellowed out on an almost continuous sheng binge, one that has accounted for the greater part of the Mengku Spring Tips cake I had in.

God Jul

For a spot of variety I had afternoon sessions with an Oolong or a red tea – the 2001 aged Oolong and Golden Snail saw a good bit of action in that slot. Most evenings were rounded off with a shou session to help ease the passage of the usual seasonal indulgences.

Jultomten must have been of the opinion that I’d been nice during 2018, because I was on the receiving end of some jolly nice pressies, several of which were, mais naturellement, tea themed.

I can now overtly proclaim my tea fetish to all and sundry thanks to a couple of splendid tee-shirts…


I also got a home-made gift voucher made out for the local tea shop of my choice..!

tea gift voucher

And in other news…today just happens to be this blog’s third anniversary, so happy birthday to us. Throughout the day I intend to raise many a cup in celebration, brewed up from the finest leaves in my stash.

3 years on WP

Hurrah, etc!

Anyroad, here’s to another tea soaked year. May your teacup runneth over.

Cheers everyone.

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