Bamboo Shoots Guildford

Bamboo Shoots Guildford - inside the teahouse

During our Easter 2018 trip to England we made a day trip to Guildford.

After sampling the charms of Guildford Castle and the town’s attractive High Street, Mrs. Teaist suddenly ducked down a narrow alleyway. Her somewhat eerily accurate sense of direction has never once let us down, especially when augmented by Google maps, and so we followed…

Seconds later we were stood outside an establishment called Bamboo Shoots. “Tea time!”, Mrs. Teaist cheerily proclaimed, and in we went.

Bamboo Shoots is not only a teahouse but an eatery, also, offering a range of noodle and rice based dishes.

Bamboo Shoots Guildford - a pot of Long Jing

Mrs. Teaist and Teaist Jr. ordered some food, but I was still full from breakfast, opting instead for a very nice pot of Long Jing, steeped Western style. Mrs. Teaist paired up her food with a pot of Jasmine green tea.

Over a second pot I had a very pleasant chat about all things tea related with the owner, Dennis.

I, of course, could have stayed to chat and drink for hours, but Dennis had other customers to serve, and my womenfolk had shops to visit.

Good tea. Good food. Nice people. Highly recommended.

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