Green Tea With Lemongrass

lemongrass and organic green gunpowder tea

A post over at Cat’s Tea of the Day got me thinking about lemongrass flavoured green tea.

I had a hunch that the very mild green gunpowder I recently purchased might just be suitable to such a flavour pairing.

Our local supermarket sells fresh lemongrass.

It would be silly not to give it a whirl now, wouldn’t it…?

The tea was made up more or less in the usual way – 2½ / 3 teaspoons to a 500 ml pot, water at 80°C.

I washed two stalks of lemongrass, before cutting them into quarters and lightly bruising them, in order to get them to release their flavour.

The tea leaves were dropped into one paper tea filter bag, and the prepared lemongrass in another.

In order to give the lemongrass plenty of time to flavour the tea the first steeping was 3 minutes in duration.

The first thing I noticed was that the finished tea had gained a real sheen.

lemongrass flavoured organic green gunpowder tea

The aroma was wonderful, fresh and citrusy, and that carried over into the taste, which had a real lemon kick to it, but a sweet one, with not a trace of bitterness. The best thing about the sweetness was that it still managed to be light somehow, not heavy on the palate at all, and subtle, too.

A second infusion at 5 minutes wasn’t so successful – it seems as though the lemongrass gave all its flavour to the initial steeping.

Still, all things considered a successful experiment. This tea is perfect for sipping on late, sunny afternoons on the balcony.

used organic green gunpowder tea leaves with lemongrass

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9 Responses to Green Tea With Lemongrass

  1. mrszee333 says:

    Will be trying this. Sounds like the perfect match to me.

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    • Good luck – I think you’ll like it…! 🙂


      • mrszee333 says:

        Fresh lemongrass, I have discovered after a cautious search of all the backstreets of my city, is not available at a price I would be inclined to pay

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      • mrszee333 says:

        Oops. Fresh Lemongrass, I have discovered, after a cautious search of the backstreets of my city, is not available at this time of year at a price I would be prepared to pay. I have been able to purchase a small plant which is not looking very well, but I will attempt to nurture it.

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      • Ouch!

        We’re lucky here – we have quite a few Asian supermarkets that sell the good stuff (including tea!) at reasonable prices.

        If all else fails, good luck with the gardening…!


  2. antarajee123 says:

    Good post dear. i will try this.

    Liked by 1 person

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