Samadoyo tea pot and Longjing  tea

We’re celebrating here today – it’s our 18th. Wedding Anniversary!

I’m cooking us a steak dinner – nothing overly fussy, mind, just a nice bit of beef with some stir fried veg. Mrs. Teaist might possible break out the bubbles, but I’ll be pulling something fancy out of the tea cupboard, the question is just what, exactly…maybe the 10 year old Pu-erh, or possibly the Wu Yi Shan Qi Lan.

I couldn’t resist buying us a present each, though – a Bai Sha Lu green tea for me, and a first flush Darjeeling from the Castleton estate for herself.

Both were ordered from our new favourite supplier, House of Tea.

Right, better go and get on with the veggie prep….

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8 Responses to Celebrate!

  1. piratepatty says:

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy yourselves!

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  2. therebelchic says:

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 Keep the fire burning!

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  3. Congratulations and to many more cups of tea!

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  4. pinkiebag says:

    Sorry I’m late I hope you had a nice anniversary, Chloe.

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