a delivery from "House of Tea"

My delivery from “House of Tea” arrived today!

Well, technically, it arrived yesterday, but thanks to my ignorance of recent upgrades the Swedish postal system seems to have made I was blissfully unaware of this rather important fact.

Like many families here, our mail is delivered to our postbox located in the foyer of our apartment building, along with all our neighbours.

Packages too big to fit into the mailbox get delivered to the nearest authorised postal agent, which in our case is our local supermarket.

In the good old days you received an advice slip in the mail if a package had been dropped off at the agent. Nowadays, however, you get an SMS to inform you that you have a parcel to collect. Good to know!

I receive an SMS roughly once every astrological age, and so hadn’t noticed that the “messages” icon on my phone had a nice wee “1 unread” next to it. Sigh…

Ten minutes later I was scurrying back home with my tea.

a sample of Oolong tea from "House of Tea"

The 2 teas I’d ordered came in sealed foil packaging, complete with a comprehensive info label.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d also been sent a 3g sample of Alishan, a Taiwanese Oolong. That might not sound like much, but it is in fact perfect for a gong fu/ Asian style session using a 100ml gaiwan. I spent a very happy hour or so steeping this tea – full review to follow in due course.

My only problem now is which of the 2 others I drink first – the Oolong or the Pu-erh?

It has to be said, as far as problems go, I’ve had worse….!

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6 Responses to Incoming!

  1. Patricia says:

    Looking forward to your thoughts on them! What a nice little gift too!

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  2. Two very nice teas! My advice is not to drink the Alishan after the Pu’er on the same day, Pu’er is great but strong and even hours after drinking can change your taste ever so slightly. May I ask is the Pu’er 熟 or 生?

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    • The Pu-erh is a 生 , a 2012 vintage.

      Hopefully it’s not too young to drink now, but I’m reading more and more about really drinkable young sheng, so let’s see. Worst case scenario is I put it away for a few years…

      It’s also loose leaf. Again, I’ve been reading that this break with the conventional way, i.e. not pressing, can have an interesting effect on the rate and way a tea matures. Watch this space, as they say…


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