Turkish Delight

Turkish tea glass

As regular readers may be aware, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting teaware.

I picked these Turkish tea glasses up at a store in Stockholm, for a very reasonable 50 Swedish Crowns for 6 glasses.

They’re made by Pasabahce, and the product name is Ince Belli.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing – the beautiful tulip shape shows off the colour of the finished tea very nicely – but they have good heat handling characteristics, too.

Even when tested with tea made with freshly boiled water you always felt that you were never going to get your fingers burned!

I wouldn’t normally use them for Chinese tea, but seeing as I was away from home and my usual arsenal of teaware, they were put to use straight away. In these photos they can be seen doing the business with a green gunpowder tea, together with the small glass teapot I bought last summer from a Middle Eastern themed cookware shop. I think they work really well together.

Turkish tea glass and pot

When back home they’ll be put to use with various non-Chinese teas, such as Moroccan mint tea, Indian Chai Masala, or a cheeky little cardamom flavoured black tea that Mrs. Teaist is fond of.

I may even track down some authentic Turkish Rize tea to drink out of them.


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7 Responses to Turkish Delight

  1. alslaff says:

    Ah… this may not be new… may not be interesting, but I use it every day as a cover on any tea cup/mug to keep it warm while drinking. Oh, dumbest name ever, but search on Amazon for – Primula Tea Bag Buddy. 100% silicon keeps the heat/moisture in the cup. Any interest?

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  2. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, I would love one of these tea cups or glasses. They remind me of my holiday to Turkey last year and the wonderful tea I enjoyed. They make the perfect size for a nice cup of tea and seeing the tea just makes it even more inviting. Perhaps I should just go back to Turkey to buy some, Chloe.

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  3. Amazon does have some Rize tea for purchase, if you don’t mind shopping at amazon.

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    • Thanks. I’m 99% sure that one of the Middle Eastern places in town will have Rize tea in stock, but it’s always good to have Amazon as a backup!

      My only beef with them is that it always seems to take what feels like 6 months to get anything to us! 🙂


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