Strange Days


Just a quick update with regard to everything going on right now…

Although Sweden doesn’t have an official lockdown, we’re self isolating nevertheless. Three people here at home means fewer people out and about capable of catching and spreading the virus. The situation is, of course, subject to change at very short notice in the coming days and weeks, but at least we’re already in the self isolation groove, so to speak, and if things get worse, well, we’re about as ready for it as we can be, I suppose.

My posting regime for this blog has kind of drifted somewhat, which is hardly surprising really. Having the three of us at home all day every day has meant a rejigging of our day to day routines, and blogging gets shoved into nooks and crannies of free time as and when they become available.

I’ve got a few posts still in the pipeline, though, including a closer look at my blogging setup, as well as reviews of some recent purchases. I’ve also got an urge to revisit some of the shengs and shous that I haven’t steeped in quite a while.

Right now most businesses in Sweden seem to be up and running more or less as normal, and the postal services are still doing their thing, so ordering tea, in the short term at least, still seems to be quite doable. I hope to be putting in an order early next week in any case, fingers crossed.

The only possible cloud on the tea ordering horizon is with Bai Mu Dan, my early morning beverage of choice. Given its voluminous, fluffy nature, a decent cargo won’t fit in our mail box, meaning a supermarket pickup, something that in the very near future might be either somewhat undesirable or simply downright impossible. Splitting a purchase up into several smaller orders might work, or then again I might just switch over to other teas for my pre-breakfast, jump-start-the-day brew.

Just in case ordering tea should become more problematic in the foreseeable future, in recent orders I’ve bolstered the pu side of my stash, because from a purely practical point of view it lasts much longer than other types of tea – years, if needs be. If it becomes harder or ultimately impossible to order tea, then I’ll work through my stash, prioritising the teas with the shortest shelf life, and leave the sheng, shou, and my one solitary hockey puck of Liu Bao till last. In any case, I did a rough, back of an envelope calculation, and worked out that if the worst comes to the worst and I have to make do with the teas I currently have in, I could coast for about 6 months or so, so whatever the world throws at us, I’ll be facing it with plenty of clout in my caddies.

As a precautionary measure I’ve bought a 3 pack of filters for my Electrolux AquaSense water filter jug, and I also have plenty of alcohol fuel for our trusty Trangia stoves, so that even if the electricity goes off water will still be boiled and tea will still be steeped. Priorities, and all that…

So, stay safe, mes braves, and keep your kettle singing, your pots warm, and your teacups full…

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