Østerlandsk Thehus Shou Pu-erh

Oesterlandsk thehus shou - dry leaf

On the face of it this is a fairly ordinary shou, a good-but-not-great daily drinker.

It will take to being gong-fu’ed quite nicely, and will give you 8 good rounds for your trouble, but a one-shot, 4 minute duration Western style steeping actually suits it best.

Oesterlandsk thehus shou - a cup of

There’s a nice soup here, packing a good body and colour, with a predominantly “old paper” taste profile.

With all the amazing shous out there, you would otherwise expect this one to fade into the background when stacked up against its more illustrious cousins, except…

Except, for me, this tea will forever have a special place in both my stash and my heart for one very important reason – I got it as a gift from Mrs. Teaist on the fourteenth of February, hence its new name.

Oesterlandsk thehus shou - used leaf

Valentine’s Shou.

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