From the Ashes of Disaster…

broken Sama Doyo E-01 glass

It happened, as these things tend to do, (or at least looking back they seemed to at the time) in slow motion.

My Samadoyo E-01 teapot wobbled then toppled off the tray I was holding, and after a series of dramatic somersaults that would have left the crowd at a high-diving competition breathless in admiration, impacted our kitchen floor with a sickening although admittedly rather musical crash.

I stood there in stunned disbelief. One of my most used pieces of teaware, a birthday present no less, lay in a dozen potentially foot shredding pieces on the parquet.

Despair soon turned to relief, however, when I noticed that the top part containing the actual infusion insert and its lid had survived the fall intact. This was, after all, the business end of the pot, the bit where the tea and water meet and make sweet, sweet music. The glass part, when all is said and done, is merely the holder the finished tea ran down into when you pressed the magic button once the infusion time was up.

Hmmm. I wonder…

As regular readers might know, I use an Ikea 400 ml “Upphetta” French press for casual brewing Western style, and eyeballing the broken bit of the Samadoyo it looked as though the 2 of them had a near identical diameter. Hmmm. I wonder…

Well, mes braves, I can happily report that the defiant remnants of the Samadoyo do indeed sit if not perfectly then most certainly acceptably well on the glass body of the Ikea press. My easy, early morning, casual Asian style sessions are safe for the time being.

Sama Doyo E-01 in French press

Ikea to the rescue yet again! Three cheers for the blue and yellow juggernaut! Hurrah, etc!

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