You Can Never Have Too Many Teapots…

side handled teapot

I know I’d previously said that I was placing a moratorium on the purchase of any new teaware, but that ruling came with the proviso that I would still allow myself to buy anything suitably unusual or interesting, such as this small side handled teapot I found at one of Emmaus‘ second-hand outlets.

The pot’s volume is about 200ml, making it suitable for gong-fu infusion, although it did also come with a snug fitting filter basket, so it could also be pressed into use Western style for longer infusions for 1 or 2 people.

The side handled design makes for an easy handling pot – one handed pours present no difficulties.

The spout gives a very steady stream when pouring, and both the pot’s lid and spout are reassuringly dribble and leak free.

The only thing a bit “hmmmmmm” about this pot is the rather odd beach-ball like motifs on it, although there is a nice and somewhat unexpected touch on the underside of the lid, where you can find a bit of calligraphy reproduced.

teapot filter insert

I found the pot on display in the store’s main showroom, where they usually have the better quality (read more expensive) offerings, rather than the downstairs kitchenware section, home to the considerably cheaper mugs, Tupperware, and dinner plates.

To my surprise the asking price was a very reasonable 40 Swedish Crowns. I handed over a collection of small change, and the deal was done.

Hurrah and all that, but at some point or other I really am going to have to get stricter with myself when it comes to teaware…

detail of teapot lid inner graphic

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3 Responses to You Can Never Have Too Many Teapots…

  1. Anne says:

    I can empathise with your collection of tea pots – I even keep the leaky ones and the broken ones because of the stories they keep within!

    Liked by 1 person

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