Chaikhana Tea House

Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong tea

Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong

We’d meant to pay a visit to the Chaikhana tea house during one of our visits to Stockholm for some time now, but other commitments always seemed to get in the way.

Over the recent Easter weekend, however, we suddenly found ourselves with a window of opportunity time wise, and so off we jolly well metro-ed into the city centre, more specifically the famous and picturesque bit of Stockholm known as Gamla Stan, or old town.

The tea house itself functions as both tea shop and tea room, but on this visit our objective was drinking, not purchasing.

Margaret's Hope 2nd flush Darjeeling

Margaret’s Hope 2nd flush Darjeeling

Mrs. Teaist was feeling peckish, and so ordered her tea, a second flush Darjeeling from the Margaret’s Hope tea garden, as part of an English afternoon tea.

I wasn’t, and so decided on just a pot of Wen Shan Bao Zhong, a Taiwanese Oolong.

Both teas came in a generously sized 500ml (or thereabouts) teapot. The Darjeeling cost 60 Swedish Crowns, and the Oolong 90 Swedish Crowns, not too bad considering it was table service, good quality tea, and slap bang in the middle of Stockholm’s most “touristy” quarter.

Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong

The additional cost for the afternoon tea was a further 150 Swedish Crowns, for which you received a small plate of finger sandwiches (curried chicken, salmon, tuna, ham and cheese), two scones with jam and clotted cream, and a dessert of your choice – Mrs. Teaist took a slice of almond tart. All the food was to a high standard, and she proclaimed that she was very happy with it. As with the prices for the teas themselves, very good value, too.

Chaikhana tea house cabinet

My Oolong was very nice indeed – pale green with a delicate, subtle floral note and a sweet aftertaste.

Mrs. Teaist was nice enough to let me sample the Darjeeling. That too hit the spot, flavour packed without being overly astringent, with a very nice biscuity, almost chocolate-like taste. Lovely.

Chaikhana tea house Stockholm

I did have one slight quibble, however – obsessive tea person that I am I would have liked the opportunity to have rummaged through the leaves after the tea was made. There’s still plenty to learn from those leaves even after they’ve done their job in the hot water.

As I said, though, a minor point, and certainly not one to take away from what was a very enjoyable hour or so.

So, yes, the Chaikhana Tea House gets a resounding thumbs up from us. Well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Stockholm and in need of refreshment.

Chaikhana tea pot


Chaikhana Tea House, Svartmangatan 23, 111 29 Stockholm

Email :-

Tel:- +46 8 248503

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2 Responses to Chaikhana Tea House

  1. Madame Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you about wishing more tea houses would provide the used leaves. I’m a re-steeper, as different characteristics come out with further steepings, so it feels like shortchanging the leaves to only enjoy the first steeping. This sounds like a lovely tea house and makes me want to visit Stockholm!

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    • These days I tend to steep the “regular” teas Western style only once, unless I’m away from home and need to make the leaves last longer.

      The better quality stuff always gets steeped Asian style in a gaiwan a minimum of 6+ times….

      Stockholm is wonderful, especially during the loooong summer days, although it does get a bit crowded then.


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