The Last Dragon

What-cha's Jingmai Moonlight White Dragon Balls

This weekend our extended clan gathered at the family house in the country for a double birthday celebration.

As it was likely to be the last time we would all be together before Christmas, as well as being the curtain call for summer 2019, I thought I’d mark the occasion with a final outing for a tea that I’ve grown very fond of over the years – What-cha’s Jingmai Moonlight White Dragon Balls.

I ordered this tea way back in January of 2017, and if my relationship with any tea could be classed as “love at first sip“, then it would be with this one.

After that first session I somehow managed to resist the urge to tear through those 8 wonderful Dragon Balls in a week, and to be frank I’m amazed that the last ball standing made it this far.

When I was considering which tea to take with me to the party, the remaining Jingmai Dragon was, as is so often the case for decisions we make regarding tea, an instinctive, gut level choice. Before I could overthink it and start second guessing myself, I threw it into my bag.

Although the Jingmai Dragon was going to be the star of the show, hitting a gaiwan late on the Saturday night, it was ably assisted throughout the weekend by a supporting cast of two – 2007 Pin Xiang Bu Lang and Haiwan Sweet Aroma.

The day of the party itself was a blur of cake, song, silly games, and all manner of festive beverages, but as things calmed down a notch I pulled out some kit and prepared for my final session with this very nice tea.

I lost count of the number of rounds I coaxed out of the leaves – my best guess is well over twenty based on how many times I refilled my Thermos – but that session was a long one, well over three hours. Yes, I was a little sad as I tipped the spent leaves into the garbage, but I was also pleased that they had gone out in a blaze of glory, as part of another unforgettable evening of fun and laughter with my nearest and dearest. Talk about sentimentali-tea…

Back when I posted about this tea I stated that I’d always try to have some in. Unfortunately, at the time of writing Jingmai Moonlight White Dragon Balls no longer seem to be in stock over at What-cha. This is understandable – good stuff shifts fast, and I can well imagine that those labour intensive, fiddly to produce Dragon Balls were never made in huge numbers to begin with.

Still, I couldn’t help but notice that What-cha have another Moonlight White in stock nowadays – a loose leaf job, though, with material originating from the Pu-erh region…

…but then again Alistair has never let me down.

Hmmm. Where’s that bank card..?

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