First New Teaware In A While

tehuset java teapot - 1

Once again we had chores to attend to that took us to the nearby town of Lund.

Teaist Junior and myself found ourselves with an hour and a bit to kill while Mrs. Teaist took care of business, and after we’d visited a nearby art shop so that firstborn could stock up on all manner of brushes and brightly coloured goop, we headed over to a favourite haunt of mine, Tehuset Java.

tehuset java teapot - 3

In the back corner of the shop they’d set up a “half-price stock clearance” kind of a shelf, upon which I espied this charming pot. A quick enquiry showed that it could be mine in exchange for a mere 150 shiny Swedish crowns, and so the deal was done.

It came with a clay infuser basket, one so small when compared to the overall dimensions of the pot as to be impractical. That’s a moot point, really, as I didn’t intend to use it anyway, preferring as I do to let the leaf steep in the pot unhindered, and then decant the finished beverage into a separate pot for serving.

tehuset java teapot - with cup

After a bit of research, I decided to use the pot exclusively for black teas, and christened it with 6 grams of a cheeky wee Vietnamese black tea (to be reviewed soon – watch this space, etc.), an amount that was perfect for Western style brewing in the pot’s 350 ml volume. As I hoped, the pot’s built-in filter that sits at the base of the spout kept all the leaf in the pot just where it should be, and out of my tea strainer.

tehuset java teapot - with used leaves

It’s got good heat handling characteristics, and a nice pour. Consider me to be extremely happy with my purchase.

Great pot, sweet price. Hurrah!

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