oolong cold brew

I checked the weather forecast. Oh Lordy, not again…

Recently, our bit of the Scandinavian peninsula has been warmer than the Med, and has experienced higher humidity levels than pre-Monsoon insert your own favourite bit of South-East Asia here.

Some like it. I, however, do not. Personally, I’d be content if “summer” meant three dry, non-cold weeks in the middle of the year without it blowing a gale. Harrumph, etc.

Seeing as the heat was clearly going to be still with us well into the evening, I decided on the spur of the moment to make a batch of cold brew.

oolong cold brew

I’ve been drinking a fair bit of Tie Guan Yin lately, and seeing as I’ve never cold brewed it before those were the leaves I decided to try this time around.

So, after I’d completed my morning chores I dropped 12 grams of leaf into the infuser part of my 1 litre cold-brew bottle, and put it in the fridge. It would be getting around 12 hours steeping time, which all things considered should be about right.

It was! The result was very nice indeed, with a subtle, floral, fruity flavour, with nary a hint of astringency. No need to even think about adding a sweetener here.

There was also something I’d never had on other cold brews – a distinctly bread-like aftertaste, something that reminded me of Ciabatta.

oolong cold brew

It’s amazing how quickly you can neck a litre of tea when you’re in the mood. Glug, slurp, chug, gone! I really am going to have to buy a few more of those bottles…

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