Summer 2018 – Part 1

teacup on a countryside fence

The early days of the holiday soon settled into a nice routine.

I made myself a pot of Emona brand Ceylon for breakfast, and drank it on the family cottage’s veranda.

morning pot ceylon

Just after lunch out came the Kamjove pot and whichever of the Oolongs I was currently in the mood for.

da hong pao meadow

Da Hong Pao

In that tricky late afternoon / early evening period I opted either for a couple of Western style rounds with the Silver Needle, or got busy with some sheng in my travel gaiwan.

After supper it was time for a good old shou session to bring relief to my overly full tummy. If I could be bothered then it was back to the Kamjove and some 2011 Man Nong, otherwise I dumped some of the loose leaf into a filter bag in a 400 ml pot.

TGY on rock

Tie Guan Yin

Drink. Sleep. Repeat. Great stuff.

We’re off up North to the coast in a few days, so let’s see how the sea air affects my tea mood…

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