Spreading the Word


The world of tea is vast indeed.

You could study, read, taste and explore for a lifetime, and still feel as though you had barely scratched the surface of this fascinating subject.

The tea blogging scene is a great source of information. Reading what other tea lovers are up to is a wonderful way to come across cool, interesting stuff, stuff you might otherwise have missed altogether.

When reading “Read ’em and Steep” lately I found out about a great tea podcast –  “Talking Tea“.

If you class yourself as one of those tea aficionados for who tea is something above and beyond a tasty drink, then this podcast is probably for you.

Well worth a listen. Highly recommended.

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6 Responses to Spreading the Word

  1. chesserstea says:

    Does it get to the level of cultivars and leaf-picking styles?

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  2. mrszee333 says:

    Also you can combine tea with almost anything else. I found a book in the library yesterday: Knitting and Tea, 25 Classic Knits and the Tea’s that Inspired Them. (!) Thank you for the links. I persevere with green tea but find I still need them flavoured with something else to really enjoy. Reading about green tea is very enjoyable though.

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  3. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ve gotten through a few of the archives!

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