Summer 2018 – Living In A Box

When out travelling, hotels can be a bit tricky for the determined tea head.

Unless you are dedicated enough to lug around your own personal water heater in your on-the-road kit, you’re kind of at the mercy of your hosts. No hot water = No Tea, Baby. Welcome to Bummersville, population 1 thirsty individual.

Our first port of call on our homeward bound road trip was The Box Hotel in Linköping. Now this is a fine establishment, and no mistake – it’s modern, stylish, well run, has a good restaurant, and even boasts a shuffleboard lounge.

Our room was an air-conditioned oasis of cool as Sweden boiled and roasted at 33 degrees C, but I have to admit to a slight sinking feeling when I went in there for the first time and noticing the absence of a kettle.

There was free hot water available 24/7 however, down in the lobby, courtesy of a coffee machine. Sometimes, though, you just want to laze around in the privacy of your room, and the trail back to our place at the end of a long, dog-legged corridor on the second floor accessed by a slightly pedestrian lift kind of ruled that out. This in itself made the case for purchasing a travel kit Thermos flask, the perfect way to get hot water back to your room and have it still hot enough to do the deed.

I did take advantage of the restaurant’s coffee machine’s hot water dispensing feature over breakfast though. This contraption even sported a handy graphic showing a tea-bag dangling in a cup over the button one had to press. Bless.

To the side of the machine a cute little wooden box offered a range of tea bags from Lipton if I remember correctly (it was quite early after all). These were the usual kind of heavily flavoured dust you tend to encounter – Fruits of the Rain Forest and Venezuelan Cucumber, or something.

box bfast ceylon brewing

My cup though had one of my own tea filter bags in it, which in turn contained about a pinch and a bit’s worth of Emona brand Ceylon. The water came out looking slightly less than boiling, but a 2 minute infusion time nevertheless resulted in a perfectly drinkable cup.

On our day of departure that morning brew was a genuine tonic, and really set me up for another day of hectic travel and sight-seeing, as we upped sticks and headed for the charming city of Karlstad

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