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I’ve been reading a fair bit lately as to what type or class of tea should be drunk at certain times of the day.

Most of these theories float elaborate plans based around the supposed caffeine content of the tea.

The problem here is that almost every article I’ve read comes up with a different caffeine “league table” for the different classes of tea – some swear blind that black teas have the most caffeine, and others that greens or white teas have that distinction.

In his book The China Tea Book author Luo Jialin argues that on purely physiological grounds one should, generally speaking, drink green tea in the morning, lighter Oolongs around midday, and leave darker Oolongs, black teas, and Pu-erh for the afternoon and evening.

This is more or less what I do, with one exception.

I do indeed start the day off with a robust green tea, usually a green gunpowder or a Chun Mee, and finish the day off with Pu-erh after our evening meal, but I have a slot usually in the middle of the afternoon that is given over to whatever tea I’m particularly in the mood for there and then.

Usually the weather plays a big part here – sunshine is likely to bring out the Longjing or the Silver Needle, neutral weather one of the Oolongs, and bad or inclement weather will probably see me reaching for the Pu-erh.

Having said that I think that whatever the weather is up to I tend to go more for white / green tea if my mood is more positive, with the tea getting progressively darker in tandem with my mood.

I also think that I tend to gravitate towards green and white tea when I’m just mentally freewheeling, and Pu-erh when I’ve got to give some hot topic or other a good deal of consideration.

So, what are your habits when it comes to your tea drinking routine? Do you stick with one tea during the whole day, or mix and match as I do?

Are you a black tea for breakfast traditionalist? Let me know in the comments below!

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11 Responses to Tea Times

  1. I’m especially sensitive to caffeine, so I’m a very traditional person: black teas in the morning, white teas/rooibos in the afternoon and nothing in the evening. I like my white teas cold.

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  2. I think you really have to learn to listen to your body – it’s really smart and will certainly let you know if things aren’t to its satisfaction…

    You’ve given me an idea there – cold steeped white tea! That has serious potential as a summer drink…!


  3. Patricia says:

    Here in the South we drink iced tea all day. But I also start with a good Gunpowder Green Tea. I am a seasonal drinker. Today when it is 85 degrees outside, a nice light white or Oolong in the afternoon and at night usually an herbal. Most of the time it’s what ever I’m feeling. Right now it’s Rosehip Tea!

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  4. Madame Elizabeth says:

    I vary my tea day to day, but drink the same type all day generally. I use one batch of leaves and steep it a few times to get the full range of flavors, drinking the various steepings throughout the day. And I believe I’ve already mentioned my affinity with drinking tea according to the weather. It’s rather bitterly cold here for April this morning and I’m out of black tea at work, which is sad.

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  5. Well there are so many teas to choose from, seriously. Everyone is different and has different perspectives, but I’m in Australia and in the hot weather I tend to go for a lighter Oolong tea such as 凤凰单丛茶fenghuang dancong cha or Phoenix tea, a very subtle fragrant tea, it’s dry like ginger ale and very refreshing. Good for when your tired or just finished work.

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  6. randomayala says:

    Hmm, I would say I’m a big fan of black teas. Growing up my dad would always make black iced tea to drink; so I now associate black teas with comfort. Although, if I need something different I’ll go for my greens or herbals but I always find myself going back to black tea based teas.

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