My Lucky Day…?

tea pot and cha hai

I received some exciting news today!

I was contacted by a Mr. Huájī Yǎnyuán, a representative of the Nǐ Bèi Hūyou tea company.

He was offering me a great discount on a rare and exclusive tea, an Oolong called Yúrén Jié.

This tea comes from a mountain called Shǎguā Zài Shānshàng, which lies in the remote prefecture called Yúchǔn, in Fujian province.

The only drawback is that the offer is limited to today and today alone!

I think I’d better calm down, have a cup of tea, and do a bit of research first. Running those unfamiliar names through Google Translate might be a good start. It’d be silly not to, really.

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  1. And?? Yeay or nay? What did you decide?

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